SDGs / Materiality

The Group agrees with the philosophy behind the establishment of the SDGs and is committed to resolving social issues covered by the SDGs.
We examine the relevance of our business in terms of economic, environmental, and social impacts, and identify materiality (key issues) that should be addressed as important and prioritized in order to enhance corporate value and make a sustainable contribution to society through the following process.
Through our commitment to these materialities, we will meet the expectations and demands of all stakeholders.

Materiality Identification

1. Recognition and organization of issues

We have identified social issues that are highly relevant to our business activities and corporate culture by referring to international indicators such as SASB (Sustainability Accounting Standards), GRI Standards, and SDGs (United Nations Sustainable Development Goals).

2. Assessment of importance from a stakeholder perspective

For the issues listed, we evaluated their materiality by referring to a survey of disclosed information on ESG items that institutional investors in Japan, the U.S., Europe, and Asia are aware of when investing, and by exchanging opinions with external stakeholders, including shareholders, investors, and business partners.

3. Evaluation of importance by the company

Evaluated the relevance of the issues to the Group's corporate philosophy, management policies, and growth strategies, and verified the prioritization and appropriateness of the issues.

4. Materiality Identification

After repeated discussions by the management team on issues evaluated from the stakeholders' and the company's viewpoints, we identified materialities that should be prioritized for action.



to the SDGs
Solving social issues through businessThrough M&A, the Group will resolve succession issues and help ensure the survival of companies and employment opportunities.
Through synergies between sellers and buyers, we will contribute to the creation of new added value, technological innovation, capital stability and procurement capacity, and macroeconomic efficiency through reorganization within the industry, while realizing job satisfaction for employees working in companies through new investment and organizational revitalization within the companies.
Rather than aiming to expand its operations independently, the Group will work with local businesses to revitalize and create local communities.
Avoiding Economic Losses through M&A

Cooperation with Local Businesses

Providing High Quality Services through the Use of Technology
Strengthen governance to ensure proper execution of businessWe will conduct transparent and sound management through thorough compliance and anti-corruption measures.
We will develop a governance structure that emphasizes independence and diversity, and strengthen our management foundation through risk management, thorough compliance, and fair and proactive information disclosure, leading to the creation of new value.
Thorough Management by Various Regulations and Compliance Committee

Strengthening Corporate Governance

Appropriate Information Disclosure
Strengthen human resources as a source of competitiveness / Creating a safe and secure work environmentFor our group, human resources are our most important management asset, and without them, we would not be able to achieve sustainable growth.
We will strive to realize a workplace that is rewarding to work in, where people from diverse backgrounds can fully demonstrate their abilities.
We will also strive to create an environment where each and every employee can work in a healthy, productive, and safe manner.
Respect for Human Rights

Promoting Diversity

Emphasis on Work-Life Balance
Ensuring Employee Health Care
Technology-enabled innovation in existing industriesWe use technology to promote DX in our operations.We will strive to increase productivity and improve our international competitiveness by innovating in old-fashioned industries.
In addition, by utilizing AI in business skills and processes that tend to be biased toward the generational bias, we will work to reduce human error and accidents and improve safety.
Creation of Efficiency and High Value-Added Services through AI and DX

Enhanced Data Security

Responsible and responsive to the global environmentIn order to realize a sustainable society, global environmental conservation is a responsibility that we must fulfill as a member of society.
We will pursue sustainability in the environmental aspects of our business and work to minimize the environmental impact of our operations, including climate change prevention/reduction of CO2 emissions.
We will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society through the use of technology and mergers and acquisitions that lead to the reduction of environmental burdens.
Reduction of Greenhouse Gases

Responding to Climate Change

Promote Paperless Operations