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For all business owners,

In Japan, the average age of business owners is increasing, and a growing number of small and medium-sized enterprises that do not have successors are going out of business, which is becoming a social problem. In recent years, M&A has become widely recognized as one of the options for business succession.
However, the M&A industry, which should play an important role, still has various problems to solve.
I myself sold the IT company I started in the past. The company became an affiliate of a listed company, and its social credibility improved. The business also expanded, and this M&A brought good results.
On the other hand, along the way, I faced three major problems while having contact with M&A intermediary companies.

"A fee structure that generates high retainer fees, interim fees, and monthly remuneration regardless of whether M&A is successful or not"
"Depending on the person in charge, the content of the proposal varies, depending on the individual's work style"
"They are just brokers and I can't give them good advice."

We will fix these problems in the M&A industry and provide all business owners with the true benefits of M&A. With that in mind, we launched the M&A Research Institute Inc.

We provide “satisfactory M&A” based on the following three axes to all managers.

(1) Fee system for transferor company's completely success-based fee

・At ordinary intermediary companies and financial institutions, fees such as retainer fees, interim fees, and monthly fees are charged regardless of whether the contract is concluded.

(2) Optimal matching combining big data and AI technology

・We have one of the largest M&A sites in Japan, and we accumulate a large amount of information on M&A as data on a daily basis. In addition, a

(3) Support by experienced Advisers

・In our company, there are members who have actually experienced company transfer through M&A as a manager, members who have experienced the acquisition of more than 10 companies and businesses, and members who have experience mediating more than 20 M&A cases. etc. We have members who are familiar with M&A from various aspects and will provide accurate support.
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M&A Resarch Insutitute

CEO Shunsaku Sagami

Successful Deals

We would like to share the achievements that led to M&A deals.

* This page lists some of our customers in the past, regardless of when the contract was concluded.