• The Only ListedM&A Intermediaryoperating on a completely performance-based fee system

    Number of Deals Closed
    Speed to M&A closing

    ※1 Fiscal year ending September 2022, Market research in designated areas : Only for the transferor company ※2 Fiscal year ending October 2022, Market research in designated areas
    ※3 Among M&A intermediary companies with a completely performance-based fee system Investigative Agency : JMRO, Inc.
  • We have led M&A successes
    in all industries.

    We will secure a satisfactory price,
    and protect the employment and treatment of existing employees,
    and help you find the best match with a synergistic partner.

  • M&A × AI

    State-of-the-art AI technology used by M&A Research Institute Inc.

    Utilizing AI matching algorithms,
    we identify M&A matching that could not be predicted in the past very rapidly.

  • Until M&A closing

    The seller will not be charged any fees until the M&A contract is closed. Please feel free to reach out to us, even for minor issues.
  • M&A closing in as little as

    Our support system with experienced professionals enables the speedy closing of contracts.
  • Annual Inquiries

    Over 5,000
    We always put the business owners of the transferor company first, and we receive many inquiries.

Four reasons to choose M&A Research Institute

We have introduced our system so that owners considering M&A and business succession can make the best choice.
Utilizing this unique strength of our company, we have satisfied many owners so far.

M&A Cases

We introduce our M&A cases to those who wish to transfer the company or business.

Construction, Civil Engineering, Building, and Housing
Project ID:2079 Publication date:23/07/2024

【Debt-free management】Civil engineering business in the Metropolitan area

250 million yen ~ 500 million yen
Desired Transfer Price
Operating Profit
50 million yen ~ 100 million yen


Project ID:2066 Publication date:19/07/2024

Project Italy

100 million yen ~ 250 million yen
North America
Desired Transfer Price
Operating Profit


IT and Software
Project ID:2064 Publication date:19/07/2024

【Australia/government authorization】leading IT consultancy firm

1 billion yen ~ 2.5 billion yen
Desired Transfer Price
16 million(USD)
Operating Profit
250 million yen ~ 500 million yen


Warehouse, Logistics, Transportation, and Delivery
Project ID:2063 Publication date:19/07/2024

【Over 600 Franchise Locations】 Malaysia / PUDO Services

250 million yen ~ 500 million yen
Desired Transfer Price
Operating Profit
50 million yen ~ 100 million yen


Project ID:2020 Publication date:5/07/2024

【Singapore】Chinese restaurant

2.5 billion yen ~ 5 billion yen
Desired Transfer Price
Operating Profit
250 million yen ~ 500 million yen


Warehouse, Logistics, Transportation, and Delivery
Project ID:2017 Publication date:4/07/2024

【A large-scale project】A major logistics service company in Singapore

25 billion yen ~ 50 billion yen
Desired Transfer Price
Operating Profit
250 million yen ~ 500 million yen


Food Manufacturing/Food Wholesale and Retail
Project ID:2014 Publication date:4/07/2024

【Singapore】Processing, manufacturing and sales of food products

500 million yen ~ 1 billion yen
Desired Transfer Price
Operating Profit
250 million yen ~ 500 million yen


IT and Software/SES (System Engineering and Software Development)/Industrial Product Manufacturing
Project ID:2013 Publication date:4/07/2024

【EBITDA of USD 30 million】Electronic systems developer with sales channels around the world

Over 50 billion yen
Desired Transfer Price
Operating Profit
2.5 billion yen ~ 5 billion yen


Project ID:1978 Publication date:26/06/2024

【Popular Areas in Europe】Two Japanese Style Restaurants

100 million yen ~ 250 million yen
Desired Transfer Price
Operating Profit
10 million yen ~ 50 million yen


Transferor Company
Four merits of the completely success-based fee system

Many M&A intermediary firms claim to have a success-based fee system.
However, in addition to the success fee, there may be a retainer fee, interim fee, monthly fee, etc.
We believe that a cost structure that forces you to bear the burden regardless of the results is a major issue in the M&A industry.
For transferor companies, we have supported M&A with a completely success-based fee system since our founding.

  1. Until the M&A is concluded,
    you don't need to pay.

    Many M&A intermediary companies charge a "retainer fee", "interim fee" and "monthly fee" regardless of the results.
    Even if the M&A is not closed, the transferor company may have to pay fees of millions to tens of millions of yen.

    Our fee system is a "completely success-based fee system", so if the M&A is not closed, we will not receive any fees from the transferor company (seller), Since we are confident in closing M&A deals.
    We will also waive the retainer fee for the transferee company.

  2. The transfer amount is accurate,
    and transferability is excellent.

    Some M&A intermediary companies take a retainer fee to satisfy a quota. Such intermediary companies tend to offer a transfer price that exceeds the owner's desired price, or even a reasonable price, so the transferor company will not know the true transfer price and the transferability.
    There are many intermediaries that aim to earn retainer fees. This kind of intermediary tends to offer transfer prices that exceed the owner's desired price or fair price, so the seller is unaware of the true price and potential.

    We will honestly discuss the appropriate transfer price and possibility. This is why we have high customer satisfaction and conversion rates.

  3. Wider range of potential buyers

    M&A Research Institute is a retainer fee-free M&A intermediary.

    If the intermediary charges the retainer fee to the buyer, in many cases they feel the reluctance to pay and do not consider the acquisition. As a result, they lose their opportunities for the deal.

    We do not receive retainer fees from buyers, so we have more potential buyers for finding great matching.

  4. You can close more quickly

    Many intermediaries do not list their fees clearly on their websites. When business owners consult with an intermediary, they will be told they need to pay a retainer, an interim, and a monthly fee. In addition, it takes time to receive an explanation of the fee structure that is not easy to understand, nor to negotiate the fee. We do not receive any of the above-mentioned fees, so you can start searching for potential buyers immediately after receiving your request.

    As a result, we are able to help you with speedy transfers and sales in as little as 49 days from request to project contract.

M&A Research Institute is
free of charge until your deal closing

We are a "completely success-based" fee company.
There are no "retainer fees" or "interim fees", and we do not receive any fees until the M&A is closed.
When comparing you to other intermediary companies,
please check the retainer fee and interim fee, and the amount on which the performance fee calculation is based.

M&A Research InstituteMajor company AMajor company B
Fee for successful closing of deal--
Retainer feeNo FeeFeeNo Fee
Interim fee / Monthly feeNo FeeNo FeeFee
Base forthe successful closing feeBased on transfer priceBased on
total transferred assets
Base for
the successful closing fee
Successful closing fee
(Compared at 500 million yen or less)

Successful Deals

We would like to share the achievements that led to M&A deals.

* This page lists some of our customers in the past, regardless of when the contract was concluded.

Our M&A List by Industry

M&A deals vary by industry.
Please see M&A trends and success points by industry.

  • Construction

  • Human Resources

  • IT/communication/system development

  • Transportation

  • Real estate

  • Treatment/welfare/nursing care

  • Finance/Insurance

  • Travel

  • Food & Beverage

  • Education

  • Retail

  • Service

  • Manufacturing

  • Leisure facilities

  • Environment/Bio

Team introduction

Our experienced members will support your M&A.
We can handle a wide range of sales from about 100 million yen to about 10 billion yen for transferor companies.

In addition, the members who are enrolled are not only those who have accumulated a lot of experience at the M&A Research Institute Inc.
There are many members who have transferred from famous M&A intermediary companies all over Japan.
We have grown into an M&A intermediary company that boasts top-class quality in Japan by sharing M&A knowledge, experience, and know-how.

*Adviser names and numbers are updated quarterly.

Akito Tsuji

Executive Officer, Head of Corporate Information Dept. and General Manager of Corporate Information Dept. 1

Facility construction, manufacturing, and medical corporations

After graduating from Ritsumeikan University Graduate School, joined Daiwa Securities Co.

Yuichi Iwasawa

General Manager, Corporate Information Dept. 1, Div 2

Manufacturing, construction, transportation, care and welfare industry

After graduating from Keio University, joined Keyence Corporation.

Yuta Kobayashi

General Manager, Corporate Information Dept. 1, Div 3

IT industry, system development, medical care, temporary staffing

After graduating from Aoyama Gakuin University, joined a foreign financial institution.

Kengo Masuda

General Manager, Corporate Information Dept. 1, Div 4

Manufacturing, food, construction, and transportation industries

After graduating from the School of Political Science and Economics at Waseda University, joined Keyence Corporation.

Eichiro Kozuka

General Manager, Corporate Information Dept. 1, Div 5

Manufacturing, construction, real estate, wholesale

After graduating from Keio University with a Bachelor of Commerce, Joined Keyence Corporation.

Taisuke Mori

General Manager, Corporate Information Dept. 1, Div 6

Construction, manufacturing, real estate, wholesale, retail

After graduating from Waseda University Faculty of Law, joined SMBC Nikko Securities Inc.

Our M&A advisers

M&A Technology

Our latest AI technology

M&A Research Institute will create the future M&A industry
by developing cutting-edge AI technology and utilizing AI matching algorithms.
We will promote the development of AI technology to shorten the period until closing and realize high-value-added matching, and have established a partnership with PKSHA Technology Co., Ltd.,
which handles algorithms for natural language processing technology (NLP).


These are frequently asked questions about M&A and business succession.
Please feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions.
Our experienced M&A Advisers will answer your questions.

  • Of course, you can. We will visit you anywhere in the country free of charge. Many of the companies we have worked with as M&A intermediaries are local companies.

  • The quickest is 1.5 months from the time of your request.
    First, we select about 500 - 1000 companies from our database and search for potential buyers. At the earliest, we will conduct an interview within one month from the retainer consultation, go through a period of due diligence, and quickly lead to the conclusion of a contract.
    Since our M&A Advisers have a wealth of M&A support experience, we can shorten the time required for M&A by eliminating unnecessary exchanges between matching and closing.
    In the M&A industry, we often hear people say, “I requested an Adviser, but several months passed with nothing.” At the M&A Research Institute Inc., we commit to results from the customer's point of view.

  • We put our customers first and have adopted a completely success-based fee system for M&A of transfer companies.
    We do not receive any retainer fee or interim fee. For details, please refer to “Pricing System”.

  • ・Transferee company, completely success-based fee system (free of charge until the contract is closed)
    ・Extensive track record of M&A support
    ・Extensive track record of M&A support
    ・Full support from experienced M&A Advisers
    These are our 4 strengths.
    At M&A Research Institute Inc., Advisers who specialize in M&A will conduct M&A negotiations in a polite and sincere manner.

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