Human Rights

The Group supports and respects the international norms on human rights of the "International Bill of Human Rights" and the "Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work". We will comply with the laws applicable in the regions in which we operate, and where there are differences between internationally accepted standards and the laws in each region, we will comply with the higher standard. We will deepen our understanding of respect for human rights of all stakeholders involved in our corporate activities and fulfill our responsibility to respect human rights. In order to sustainably promote all of our businesses, we will strive to respect human rights and to avoid discrimination and human rights violations regardless of race, color, language, creed, religion, gender, sexual orientation/gender identity, nationality, age, origin, mental or physical disability, illness, or any other reason, and will fulfill our responsibility to provide equal opportunities for all people and respect human rights.


Based on our "Human Rights Policy," our group aims to be an organization where people with diverse backgrounds, talents, experiences, and values respect each other, maximize their abilities, and allow each individual to play an active role.


The Group has established an internal contact point and operates an internal reporting system to enable early response to compliance violations and moral violations related to harassment, discrimination, and human rights. To ensure that whistleblowers do not suffer any disadvantages, such as anonymous reporting, we respond to such reports in cooperation with the relevant departments while maintaining confidentiality.


In accordance with the "Human Rights Policy," the Group will foster a culture in which employees respect each other's values and create an environment in which the diversity of its human resources is linked to its competitiveness. We believe that supporting diverse work styles and balancing family and work is essential for women to achieve success in their careers, and we are working to promote a work-life balance and to enable diverse work styles, such as telecommuting, shorter hours, and flextime work, to suit each individual's work requirements.

Health and Safety

We believe that in order to provide high performance to our stakeholders, it is essential for our employees to be healthy both physically and mentally. To ensure that our employees can sustain high performance, we will work to create a comfortable environment in which they can concentrate on their work by providing a safe and secure working environment in compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Law and internal health and safety management regulations.

Basic Health Care Policy

The Group believes that the health of its employees is essential to providing services that exceed client expectations.Employees place the highest priority on their own health and strive to maintain and improve their physical and mental health, and we provide a comfortable work environment so that each employee can fully demonstrate his or her abilities. In addition, the Human Resources Department promotes health management for employees in cooperation with industrial physicians by ensuring appropriate use and management of personal information such as results of medical checkups and stress checks.

Work-Life Balance

The Group reduces its workload by utilizing AI and DX systems. We also manage labor management in compliance with labor laws and regulations to ensure high performance by our employees.We are working with relevant departments to reduce excessive working hours and overtime and to create a healthy and safe work environment.
・Health checkups
・Monitoring work hours and interviewing employees
・Notification and guidance to employees who may be working long hours and their supervisors

Community Relations

Contributing to a sustainable society through M&A

Through the provision of M&A services, the Group contributes to the revitalization of local communities by ensuring the survival and development of companies and maintaining employment. More than 99% of the companies in Japan are small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). According to the Teikoku Databank's "National Survey of Companies without Successors (2021)," approximately two-thirds (61.5%) of companies are without a successor. When a business closes due to lack of a successor, not only is unique technology and know-how lost, but the employees and their families are also affected. In addition, the successor problem is not only an issue for small and medium-sized enterprises, but also becomes a problem that can be a factor in the deterioration of the Japanese economy as a whole. The Group will contribute to solving this problem through M&A operations.

Avoiding Economic Losses through Quality Services Using AI Systems

By utilizing our proprietary AI and DX systems, we will provide speedy matching services while improving the closing rate, thereby resolving business succession issues, employment retention, and management issues faced by SMEs.

Contribution to Tax and Accountant Firms and Business Companies

The Group will collaborate with operating companies, tax accountant offices and accounting firms rooted in each region, and provide know-how and support so that these partners can tackle M&A operations with confidence.