FAQs about M&A and business succession

These are frequently asked questions about M&A and business succession.
Please feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions.
Our experienced M&A Advisers will answer your questions.

  • Of course, you can. We will visit you anywhere in the country free of charge. Many of the companies we have worked with as M&A intermediaries are local companies.

  • The quickest is 1.5 months from the time of your request.
    First, we select about 500 - 1000 companies from our database and search for potential buyers. At the earliest, we will conduct an interview within one month from the retainer consultation, go through a period of due diligence, and quickly lead to the conclusion of a contract.
    Since our M&A Advisers have a wealth of M&A support experience, we can shorten the time required for M&A by eliminating unnecessary exchanges between matching and closing.
    In the M&A industry, we often hear people say, “I requested an Adviser, but several months passed with nothing.” At the M&A Research Institute Inc., we commit to results from the customer's point of view.

  • We put our customers first and have adopted a completely success-based fee system for M&A of transfer companies.
    We do not receive any retainer fee or interim fee. For details, please refer to “Pricing System”.

  • ・Transferee company, completely success-based fee system (free of charge until the contract is closed)
    ・Extensive track record of M&A support
    ・Extensive track record of M&A support
    ・Full support from experienced M&A Advisers
    These are our 4 strengths.
    At M&A Research Institute Inc., Advisers who specialize in M&A will conduct M&A negotiations in a polite and sincere manner.

  • Our company strives to thoroughly manage the confidential information entrusted to us by our customers.
    Also, when making a proposal to potential buyers, we will only disclose information after narrowing down the potential buyers and concluding an NDA (non-disclosure agreement). If you ask multiple M&A intermediary companies to act as mediators (so-called non-exclusive contracts), the risk of information leakage increases. In order to prevent information leaks, we recommend that you sign an exclusive contract with only one company as an intermediary.

  • Please feel free to contact us. Talk with us, and we can find the best ideas together. We are happy to hear from you if you would like to collect information.

  • There are many cases of M&A of loss-making companies. Consultation fee is free, so please contact us first.

  • The M&A Adviser will calculate the corporate value after considering not only tangible assets and profits, but also intangible assets and know-how. Based on the results, we will determine the desired transfer price based on the owner's intentions.

  • There are various methods such as business transfer and company split, so please contact us first.

  • In some cases, they will continue to be involved in the business after the transfer, and in others, they will retire. It is possible to proceed according to the president's wishes.