The Advantages of the M&A Research Institute

Why Do We Get Chosen?

Transferor company gets
a "completely success-based" fee system

The reason why the retainer fee and interim fee are ¥0

M&A Research Institute does not charge retainer fees or interim fees for transferor companies.
There is a reason why we do not charge any fees until an M&A contract is concluded.
At M&A Research Institute Inc., we are thoroughly streamlining inefficient operations with our system.

By analyzing past M&A data from our own database,
We analyze and select companies that have a high possibility of matching with the AI system.

In addition, from "Japan's largest M&A media" operated by M&A Research Institute Inc.,
because we acquire the needs of sellers and buyers on a daily basis,
we are able to match more efficiently in a short period of time.

This streamlining has reduced labor costs,
It is possible to support M&A with a fee system of 0 yen for the retainer fee and interim fee.

We enable M&A according to your desired result.

We narrowed it down to about 500 - 1000 potential buyers from our database
and carefully select dozens of potential buyers to approach by utilizing AI matching algorithms.

We make it possible to transfer and sell at a transfer price that is more satisfying,
and also enable M&A and business succession to companies with high business synergies and less impact on employees and business partners.

In addition, we will help you create materials and business plans, and provide interview guidance in order to sell your company more attractively.

What we will do for your best M&A

  1. Transfer and sale
    at a highly satisfactory price

  2. Transfer and sale to a company
    with high business synergy

  3. We enable M&A with little impact on employees and business partners.

Speed to M&A closing

We lead M&A deals with great speed.
Using our unique AI matching system and experienced Advisers, we are leading speedy M&A deals in an average of 6.2 months (and as little as 49 days).
(In other companies, it may take an average of more than a year from the time of request to the conclusion of a contract.)

We search for potential buyers broadly and intensively over a short period of time, sometimes finding potential buyers on the same day at the shortest.

The reason why our M&A process is fast

  1. We come from different M&A intermediary firms and share our knowledge and know-how.

  2. We have a large number of experienced M&A Advisers on staff to shorten the time required for corporate valuation, matching, due diligence, and negotiations.

  3. We operate one of the largest M&A sites in Japan, and our AI matching system allows us to efficiently and comprehensively search for potential buyer companies.

Our experienced M&A Advisers will fully support you

In the case of a normal M&A company, there are times when there is no person
in charge with extensive M&A experience, accounting knowledge, and legal knowledge.
There are many cases where the transfer is not the desired price, and furthermore, the business and employees,
after the transfer, are not considered. Cases like these place too much priority on closing deals.

Our team members are not only those who have a lot of experience at the M&A Comprehensive Research Institute.
There are many members who have transferred from famous M&A intermediary companies all over Japan.
We have grown into an M&A intermediary company that boasts top-class quality in Japan.

Our experienced M&A Advisers will support M&A for SMEs in various industries.
The sales scale of the transferor company is about 100 million yen to about 10 billion yen. We offer a wide range of services.

Successful Deals

We would like to share the achievements that led to M&A deals.

* This page lists some of our customers in the past, regardless of when the contract was concluded.