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[Miscellaneous goods manufacturing industry] M&A to solve growth bottlenecks

  • Transferor company

    Miscellaneous goods manufacturing industry
    about 500 million yen
    Age of CEO
    Reason for transfer
    Acquisition of profit for the founder
  • Transferee company

    Industry / Manufacturing / Wholesale
    not disclosed
    Purpose of aquisition
    Expansion of trade area
Comment from the president of the transferor company

Mr. S.A.

※The photograph is an image.

Since our founding, we have been manufacturing items that emphasize our unique worldview. The number of customers who empathize with our worldview and became fans has increased, and business performance has grown steadily. However, I came to think that further growth would be difficult in terms of securing human resources and management.
Under such circumstances, I wanted to solve the problem of growth by forming a capital tie-up with a company that understood our company well and had sufficient resources for our company. I made this decision because I believe that M&A will lead to further development of our company.
My adviser has given me the opportunity to meet with many potential acquisition companies. Therefore, we were able to establish a capital tie-up with a company that fully understands our strengths and weaknesses.

Comment from Adviser

Satoshi Nakamoto

This time, I supported the transfer of a relatively young owner in his early 50s.
The company had no problems with its performance as it was, but the changes required for further growth were difficult to resolve on its own. In light of the above, you decided on an M&A that would allow you to solve the bottleneck at an early stage.
The transferor company's products were attractive with a unique view of the world. Therefore, we are pleased to have been able to act as a bridge with a transferee company that can support growth without compromising its worldview. We wish both companies continued business development.

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