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【M&A due to owner retirement at community-based medical corporation】Engaged in management through a connection with his previous owner, decided to M&A after his own retirement.

  • Transferor company

    Medical corporation
    1.4 billion yen
    Age of CEO
    Reason for transfer
    Absence of successor
  • Transferee company

    Medical related
    not disclosed
    Purpose of aquisition
    Business expansion
Comment from the president of the transferor company

Mr. A.A.

※The photograph is an image.

About 10 years ago, I acquired an equity stake with the previous owner and managed it. I was doing business other than hospital management, but when I transferred that business, I began to consider transferring the medical corporation.
About a year ago, we asked another M&A company to search for a transferee, but the conditions were not met, and a full year had passed. Therefore, when I consulted with M&A Research Institute Inc., they immediately introduced me to multiple acquisition candidates.
Due to personal circumstances, I was hoping to conclude the contract within 4 months, and I was able to successfully conclude the contract within the deadline. Now, I think it would have been better if I had asked M&A Research Institute Inc. from the beginning.

Comment from Adviser

Akihito Tsuji

It is a great honor to be involved in an M&A of great social significance, the business succession of a hospital rooted in the community.
When we consulted with our company, it seems that one year had already passed with another M&A company, so I thought it would be difficult with a general candidate. Fortunately, we were able to make proposals to candidates with connections.
It was difficult to negotiate the terms, so there were times when the owner seemed to give up, but we cooperated and did our best until the contract was concluded. I'm happy to hear from the owner, after the contract was closed, that “I can devote myself to my hobby from now on.”

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