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[Information and communication industry] M&A that understands weaknesses and leverages strengths

  • Transferor company

    Information and communication industry
    150 million yen
    Age of CEO
    Reason for transfer
    Guarantee of financial soundness
  • Transferee company

    Information and communication industry
    6 billion yen
    Purpose of aquisition
    Securing human resources
Comment from the president of the transferor company

Mr. K.K.

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We have many great business partners who have been doing business with us for many years, and our business performance was stable, but the debts that occurred when our business performance deteriorated in the past became a burden, and we were not able to invest for new growth.
In addition, personal guarantees for bank loans have become a burden on me as a business owner. While I wanted to grow the business, I was unable to take concrete actions.
Under such circumstances, the partner company that introduced us this time highly valued our human resources. It solved our capital problem and gave us the opportunity to grow.

Comment from Adviser

Satoshi Nakamoto

CEO K.K has many excellent business partners, but it was difficult to invest in growth due to the debts that occurred when business performance deteriorated in the past. On the other hand, there were many engineers who liked the personality of the CEO and the corporate culture that recognizes diversity.
The company was successful in securing human resources, which is considered to be the biggest issue in the IT field where there is a shortage of human resources.
The transferor company had clear strengths and problems to be solved, so I was convinced that if we could make an M&A with a company that could make the most of each other's advantages, it would lead to great growth for both companies. We are looking forward to the future development of both companies.

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