The Advantages of the M&A Research Institute

Fee Structure
for Transferee Company

Our experienced Advisers will support M&A of SMEs in various industries.
We lead M&A deals with overwhelming speed.

Fee Structure(for Transferee Company)

Amount of Transferable AssetsCommission Rate
For the portion up to 200 million yenVariable Rate(※)
For the portion over 200 million yen
and up to 500 million yen
For the portion over 500 million yen
and up to 1 billion yen
For the portion over 1 billion yen
and up to 5 billion yen
For the portion over 5 billion yen
and up to 10 billion yen
For the portion over 10 billion yen1%

※The amount varies depending on the value of the transferable assets and the scope of operations, such as business within Japan and overseas operations.

Successful Deals

We would like to share the achievements that led to M&A deals.

* This page lists some of our customers in the past, regardless of when the contract was concluded.