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Success story
for Construction consultancy

Consistent corporate culture and vision, further growth after participating in a listed company

  • Transferee company

    Civil Engineering Management General Laboratory Co., Ltd.

    Corporate Strategy Office Manager

    Satsuki Shimoji

    Industry Construction consulting
    7.3 billion yen
    of aquisition
    Business expansion
  • Transferor company

    Environment and Development Co., Ltd.

    Representative Director

    Yosuke Tanabe

    Industry Construction consulting
    300 million yen
    Age of CEO
    for transfer
    Growth strategy

We assisted in the M&A between Kankyo To Kaihatsu Co., Ltd., which provides consulting services for waste treatment facilities and renewable energy facilities, and Civil Engineering Management General Research Institute Co., Ltd., which conducts the tests and surveys necessary for civil engineering and construction work.
We interviewed two people from each company about the background behind their decision to M&A and their vision for the future.

[Transferee company: Environment and Development Co., Ltd.]
Founded 45 years ago, Tokyo head office
Has a history of more than 40 years as a construction consultant for waste treatment facilities. In recent years, they have gained a wealth of experience in consulting for renewable energy facilities.

[Transferor company: Civil Engineering Management Research Institute Co., Ltd.]
Founded 37 years ago, head office in Nagano Prefecture
This company provides testing and ground reinforcement services necessary for civil engineering and construction work. In the past, They have increased the number of group companies through M&A and expanded the company.

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