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Success story
for Crane construction business

M&A to new growth opportunities for local

  • Transferor company

    Kashima Crane Co., Ltd.

    Representative Director

    Mr. Hiroaki Takada

    Industry Crane work
    500 million yen
    Age of CEO
    for transfer
    Growth strategy
  • Transferee company

    Denzai Engineering Co., Ltd.

    Representative Director and Chairman

    Mr. Takashi Nomura

    Industry Crane work
    5 billion yen (consolidated)
    of aquisition
    Area Expansion

This time, we assisted M&A between companies in the construction industry.
We interviewed Mr. Hiroaki Takada of Kashima Crane Co., Ltd., the transferor company, about the background behind the M&A decision and his vision for the future.

[Transferor company: Kashima Crane Co., Ltd.]
Founded about 19 years ago, Headquarters in Fukushima Prefecture
Mainly crane work.

[Transferee company: Denzai Engineering Co., Ltd.]
Founded about 53 years ago, head office in Kanagawa Prefecture
Plant construction work and assembly and dismantling of large cranes. It also rents heavy construction equipment.

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