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Success story
for General construction industry

Synergies that can only be created with M&A based on an understanding of the corporate culture

  • Transferee company

    Meiho Enterprise Co., Ltd.

    Director, Senior Managing Executive Officer

    Mr. Toshiharu Yasuda

    Real estate business
    about 10 billion yen
    of aquisition
    Establishment of construction sector portfolio
  • Transferor company

    Kyoei Gumi Co., Ltd.

    President, and Representative Director

    Mr. Kazuhiro Igarashi

    General construction industry
    about 3 billion yen
    Age of CEO
    for transfer
    Further development

We have assisted in the M&A between Kyoeigumi Co., Ltd., a general construction company, and Meiho Enterprise Co., Ltd., a real estate company.
We interviewed the owners of each company about the background behind their decision to M&A and their vision for the future.

[Transferor company: Kyoei Gumi Co., Ltd.]
70 years in business, Tokyo head office
This company is a general construction company that mainly deals with residential construction and also designs and constructs public buildings and commercial buildings. They have many qualified technicians. Their strength is high-quality construction, and have a long history and many achievements since their founding.

[Transferee company: Meiho Enterprise Co., Ltd.]
Founded 55 years ago, Tokyo head office
A developer that plans, sells, and manages real estate, and undertakes construction contracting. Our business area is the Tokyo metropolitan area, and they are developing MIJAS and ELFARO investment apartments. They develop a wide range of businesses as a comprehensive real estate developer.

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