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Success story
for Nursing care food service

M&A to cherish each employee and grow together

  • Transferor company

    Best Co., Ltd.


    Mr. Hidenori Saito

    Business catering service
    about 1 billion yen
    Age of CEO
    for transfer
    Absence of successor
  • Transferee company

    Fuji Sangyo Co., Ltd.

    Director, Executive Officer

    Mr. Yoshihiko Nakamura

    Business catering service
    82 billion yen
    of aquisition
    Business expansion

We have assisted in the M&A between Best Co., Ltd., which mainly manufactures and sells food for nursing care facilities, and Fuji Sangyo Co., Ltd., a group company that provides meal services and food ingredients mainly for medical and welfare facilities.
We interviewed two owners from each company about the background behind their decision to M&A and their vision for the future.

[Transferor company: Best Co., Ltd.]
About 40 years since its founding, head office in Yamagata Prefecture
This company has a high profile in the local area, with its main business being contracted school lunches, manufacture and sale of nursing care food, and home delivery of meals. This company aims to expand its business by providing food services that are rooted in local communities, and by manufacturing and selling nursing care foods that are being rolled out nationwide.

[Transferee company: Fuji Sangyo Co., Ltd.]
About 50 years after its founding Tokyo head office
This company is engaged in a wide range of meal provision businesses such as medical institutions, nursing care, welfare facilities, schools, and companies. They are pioneers in this field and are also expanding their restaurant management and food sales businesses nationwide.

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