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[Construction industry] M&A to realize further growth

  • Transferor company

    Construction industry
    150 million yen
    Age of CEO
    Reason for transfer
    Guarantee of financial soundness
  • Transferee company

    Construction industry
    1 billion yen
    Purpose of aquisition
    Business expansion
Comment from the president of the transferor company

Mr. M.K.

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As the business environment changed rapidly, I was approached by M&A Research Institute Inc. when I was considering M&A as a strategy for further business expansion.
The company I was introduced to was in the same industry as me, and they understood my company's business model very well. And when I actually met him, he was also a respectable manager who had a perspective that I didn't have.
I thought that I could entrust the future of my company to this company, so in the end, we decided to work together.
After the transfer, I will be busy with the handover, but I will be inspired every day. I look forward to growing with them.

Comment from Adviser

Mitsuki Kamada

The transfer company needed to quickly find a partner in an industry where the business environment can change drastically with a small decision by the client.
We wrote a list together of “What the owner wants to create for his company in the future” and “What does it need to make it happen”. This led to the good results of this M&A.
He often said that business owners are lonely, but it was interesting that he was happy to meet someone who understood him well. We wish your company further development in the future.

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