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[IT industry (in-house system development and sales)] Business succession type M&A due to the absence of a successor

  • Transferor company

    IT industry
    200 million yen
    Age of CEO
    Reason for transfer
    Absence of successor
  • Transferee company

    IT industry
    15 billion yen
    Purpose of aquisition
    Business expansion
Comment from the president of the transferor company

Mr. S.K.

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When I first started considering business succession, there was no successor, so I decided on the method of M&A, and consulted with multiple M&A companies. The M&A Research Institute Inc. is more knowledgeable about the industry than other companies, and from the perspective of our organizational structure, gave us accurate advice on the points required to complete the M&A.
The adviser understood what we needed to do in order to realize our company's beliefs, future goals, and growth strategy, so I felt confident in entrusting him with it. That was the reason why I decided to join the M&A Research Institute Inc.
Even when the M&A was underway, the advisers gave us appropriate advice according to the situation, and they kindly consulted us on the complicated circumstances of the family business. I am grateful that I was able to proceed with the M&A with great peace of mind.

Comment from Adviser

The transferor company's performance was soaring due to their business decisions and concentration on the business, but the owner was considering the transfer due to his physical condition (and there was no successor).
In order to further expand the business, we were looking for a transferee company that would fill in the missing resources and above all, have a passion for the business.
Both of them got along well at the first meeting, and both made decisions quickly, and the contract was concluded just two months after the first meeting.
They have very good compatibility with the owners and can understand what the transferor company wants. I have great expectations for the further development of both companies.

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