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[Construction industry (renovation)] M&A to solve the lack of successors

  • Transferor company

    Construction industry (renovation)
    about 100 million yen
    Age of CEO
    Reason for transfer
    Absence of successor
  • Transferee company

    Construction industry (electrical work)
    about 200 million yen
    Purpose of aquisition
    Creation of synergies with existing businesses
Comment from Adviser

Junki Mori

The owner of the transferor company originally wanted to retire at the age of 75. The daughter had no intention of being the successor, and the son-in-law had the same intention, so M&A was considered.
Instead of looking for a successor after turning 75, he wanted to find a successor at his timing, when there were three years left until retirement, and to take over with the successor of the transferee for the remaining three years. For that reason, the owner wanted to find a partner that could make a soft landing.
I think it was a wonderful environment for the transferee company to conduct M&A with peace of mind.

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