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[LP gas equipment industry] Corporate culture that emphasizes aggressiveness, further expansion through a business transfer

  • Transferor company

    LP gas equipment industry
    100 million yen
    Age of CEO
    Reason for transfer
    Further business expansion
  • Transferee company

    Business LP gas sales business
    5 billion yen
    Purpose of aquisition
    Expansion of scale
Comment from the president of the transferor company

Mr. K.M.

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Our main business is the gas equipment industry. Since the company relies on its employees to run the business without me, I wanted to transfer the business before I turned 40.
I wanted to expand my real estate business and solar power business, and the fact that the gas equipment business had stabilized was what prompted me to seriously consider transferring the gas equipment business.
The transferee company is a company with a long history, but it does not take a defensive stance, it is instead doing business with an offensive stance. I myself value a vigorous stance, and I thought that this company had the same idea.
I am glad that I asked Mr. Niwata, my adviser, because he responded with the speed that I was looking for.

Comment from Adviser

Soushi Niwata

The transferor company in this case is a growing company that has been in business for less than 10 years. The owner decided to transfer the property to a third party, thinking that it would be best for the company to continue to develop further and provide an environment where employees can feel at ease.
I hear that the management will continue to stay with the company after the transfer and will work harder than ever with the transferee company toward the growth of the company.
We are confident that this M&A will lead to the further development of both companies and the happiness of our employees.



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